Suspected of DUI In Maryland: Understand Your Rights

If you are ever pulled over by police in the state of Maryland for suspicion of driving drunk, then it can be very confusing to know your rights. It’s critical that you understand your rights as you will be able to know what is expected from you and also be able to avoid allowing the officer to build up a case against you.

When you are pulled over by police most people will think that it’s the best option to do everything that the officer says. They will comply with everything because they believe that by being polite and helpful they will be able to prove that they’re not really guilty. However, this information will not be used for your benefit, the information you give police will only ever be used to build a case against you.

Not Everything Requested By The Police Officer Is Required

You might not realize that whatever you tell a cop is voluntary, and this will easily give the police evidence to use against you. When you are pulled over, it’s much better to exercise your rights and stay silent. The only thing that you are required to do is prove your ID and insurance when you are pulled over. You needn’t do anything except that. It’s very important to stay silent if you are ever pulled over on a DUI charge. The officer will try to ask how much you have drunk, but there is no reason why you would want to answer this. You shouldn’t answer any questions until your DUI lawyer is there.

person being pulled over for drunk driving in MarylandIf you are arrested for DUI, then you will need to hire a DUI attorney as soon as possible. Before being arrested the officer will read you a list of warning, these inform you about your rights, including the right to remain silent. They also say that anything you say can be used in evidence if the case does go to court. If you want to answer then make sure you only tell the truth, this is because if you lie and the officer discovers this, then you will not be credible. This can be used by the officer to suggest that everything you have said is a lie. If the officer asks you to get out of your car, then you should comply with this and do as they ask. However there is no reason to do a sobriety test, these are only designed to make you look guilty. The tests are subjective and must be avoided at all costs.

It also is important that you understand the laws, fines, and punishments vary from state to state, and this includes the District of Columbia. DC DUI laws carry different penalties compared to Maryland, and you would want to find an attorney that specializes in drunk driving defense in both areas. There are many different attorneys that are barred in both Maryland and DC. Price Benowitz, Jason Kalafat, and Shawn Sukumar are just a few of the firms we have found that are licensed in both locations.  You can find a comprehensive list of drunk driving lawyers close to you here.

Make sure that you speak to your DUI attorney as soon as possible and don’t agree to field sobriety tests. Refusing to do these tests can cause damage to your case; however, this may not be an issue. It may be much better to ask to talk to your DUI lawyer first as this isn’t a refusal. By learning and understanding your rights whenever you are pulled over you can improve your chances of getting off the case. A DUI attorney will help you to understand the law and what is involved. It’s much better for your case if you refuse to do everything rather than failing to complete the sobriety tests.

Obviously, there are many different types of law, and many specialized attorneys which can help you with each type.  A mistake many people make when trying to locate a legal representative, is simply choosing an attorney in general. If you are dealing with DUI as stated above, you would want to hire a specialist in drunk driving defense. If you are dealing with a possible divorce, you want to find the best family law attorney in your area. If you are dealing with a civil litigation case in Bethesda, you certainly want to work with a civil attorney in Bethesda for your legal matter. Don’t fall into the trap of just hiring counsel, take the time to find one that is highly experienced in your particular area of law.